Square Dermal 2 mm Height

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The Microdermal Piercing or Dermal Anchor is a transdermal implant placed in the skin. The application of a piercing under the skin requires great attention and attention to details. Wildcat supplies professional systems only to verified piercers.
Terminal, disc or crystal is NOT included.

Technical features
Stem height: 2.0mm
Stem thickness: 1.6mm
Internal diameter (thread): 1.2mm
Base thickness: 0.5mm
Length of base: 8.0 mm
Base width: 3.0mm

This is a titanium piercing jewel, an ideal material that weighs half the steel and guarantees the same resistance. Difficult to corrode, offers a certain elasticity and is hypoallergenic.

All our basic titanium piercings can be sterilized in an autoclave.



Metal Colour:

Weight: 1 g

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