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Past, present & future

What began in 1989 with John Donoghue and Wildcat England continues to evolve throughout into our living dream. A lot has happened since then – learn more about our story from then to now here.

In the meantime, our little start-up has grown into an established love brand in piercing jewelry, a brand that has never stopped hungrily searching for new trends and innovations to push the piercing industry to new heights. We can’t describe to you how wonderful it feels to be able to see and touch our visions and dreams in reality. Wildcat is simply a mission for each and every one of us and you can be sure – we are far from finished!

Our brand collection

Under the umbrella of Wildcat we unite various brands around the topics of piercing jewelry, piercing and tattoo care, tattoo supply and lifestyle. All brands from our house stand for highest quality and have the goal to fulfill the requirements of our customers – both end customers (B2C), as well as professionals (B2B) – to the fullest satisfaction.


Titanium Highline® belongs to the premium collections in the Wildcat piercing jewelry assortment.
State-of-the-art machinery, certified production and quality processes, as well as technical innovations at our production site in
southern Germany promise consistently high quality.

In addition to the classic silver titanium, our Highline segment is also available in black:

Titanium Blackline, gold: Titanium Zirconline and rosé: Titanium Roseline.

The special feature of our Titanium Blackline collection is that the jewelry is not coated but anodized by chemical electrolysis.


BYCG – Best you can get

Another product line in our premium segment is BYCG. The products from this collection are characterized by workmanship of the highest quality, as well as the use of uniquely radiant crystals. The Push-Fit as well as the Internally Threaded variations of the jewelry convince by a perfect workmanship. The products of the BYCG series are dealer-exclusive - you can request them from the jewelry dealer of your choice. For further questions about our B2B-exclusive BYCG series, please contact our service team.


Dark, magical and mysterious: Mysterium®. The Mysterium® brand is less about products made of a specific material and more about jewelry from another world. The pieces, specially designed by our jewelry designer, represent the inscrutability of life and add a touch of magic to you and your look with their exotic and occult elements.

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Kinky Rocker®

Be wild, be different, be kinky! The brand is inspired by the Berlin lifestyle and the wacky life of the rock stars.

Berlin - a city full of creativity, fashion, media and positive energy - a wonderful mix of different cultures but also unique individuals. The exciting life of the rockstars has also inspired Kinky Rocker with their attitude - so nothing for the mainstream and wannabes! Kinky Rocker is for achievers, posers, leaders and winners - for actors, rock and superstars and all who want to be!

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The Signature®

By artists, for artists - The Signature®. The tattoo supply brand The Signature®, launched in 2014, convinces tattoo artists worldwide with the fantastic quality of its premium cartridges, tattoo needles, as well as the comprehensive range of products for everyday studio use. A tattoo is the signature of the artist. This is the motivation and the name for the production range of The Signature®. After all, it is more than just a picture that someone puts on a piece of paper. It is artists who, with a lot of calm and a lot of creativity, will immortalize a piece of yours, but above all a big piece of the tattooed person's life story, or even leave their mark on it for the rest of their lives. The tool that brings this everlasting work under the skin should therefore also be only the best to achieve a perfect result.

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ILUZ Premium Tattoo Care is the unique result of intensive research by skin specialists and the requirements for tattoo artists. Specially developed for sensitive skin in need of care, ILUZ Premium Tattoo Care protects both fresh and already healed tattoos. The premium products from ILUZ offer the optimal care for the tattoo from day one. The personal gem is combined by natural, vegan active ingredients and thus protected with the most advanced technologies from fading and aging process. The tattooed skin remains permanently soft, supple and tender.

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