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We Are Wildcat

Quality Piercing Jewellery and Tattoo Supply


Since 1989, the year Wildcat was founded in England by John Donoghue, a lot has happened. From great innovations in piercing jewelry & tattoo supply to openings of Wildcat stores all over Germany as well as worldwide through our loyal distributors. Piercings and tattoos have found their way into the mainstream today, gone are the days when only punks and sailors rocked Tattoos and Body art.

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Piercing jewelry is our passion! Wildcat stands for piercing jewelry of the highest quality and the great promise to make the world a whole lot more colorful. Our striving for perfection in all areas as well as the wild passion for the topics piercing, tattoo and quality make us what we are: WE ARE WILDCAT.

All about our quality claim

Our mission

We are here to make the world a little bit more colorful.
How do we do that, you ask? By supporting our customers with their project of self-realization and the expression of their very own individuality. For this purpose, different forms of body art have always been a popular means, so it's high time to get the topic of piercing & tattoo out of the "dirty corner" in our society.

Our values Wild authentic, experienced.

Three little words that sum up our values. You can find our wild side in all corners and ends. Starting with our online store, our product range, our stores and our employees. At the same time we also attach great importance to authenticity and quality. Especially when it comes to quality, we are without exception. Both in our products and in our services such as piercing & tattooing.

We are wildcat

At our headquarters in the beautiful Münsterland region, we currently employ about 80 Wildcats on a full-time and part-time basis. With our colleagues on the front line, namely in the stores, we come to over 100 employees nationwide, of which 12 are on various training paths. We are proud to be able to give the next generation an exciting start to their working lives and therefore place a great deal of value on a varied and comprehensive training program.

Meet us

In our Wildcat Stores in Hamburg, Gronau, Essen, Cologne, Mönchengladbach and Düsseldorf we are always happy to see new and old faces. Here you can expect professional advice on the selection of your new piercing, matching jewelry or even a brand new tattoo.