The Signature® Tattoo Needle Magnum

Magnum Long Taper

Steel 316L
The Signature

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The Signature® Tattoo Needle Magnum – Eternalising Tattoo Needles
Every Tattoo is a signature under a story that is created through the different ways of life and characters that people have and the art and style of the Artist who create it.
The Signature Tattoo Needles are the perfect instrument to transport the creativity from the mind of the artists, through their hands, above the needles in the skin to sign and eternalise every unique story.
All Signature needles are made of medical grade, high quality 316L surgical steel. Using the best qualtiy surgical steel helps prevent these needles from curling. Every one is produced using an optical control device to ensure perfect quality. These needles give your art the respect it deserves, it’s your Signature…

Content: 50pcs per box
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The Signature® Tattoo Needle Magnum

Additional Information

Needle Taper


Needle Thickness

0,25, 0,3, 0,35

Needle Quantity

11, 13, 17, 25, 27, 5, 7, 9


Steel 316L


The Signature