Black Mick Silver Edition

“Black Mick” Silver Edition

Steel 316L, Elmwood
Kinky Rocker


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BM250743S The necklace is made of dark elmwood pearls, combined with pearls of surgical steel and a rock crystal. Dimensions: chain length: 53.0 cm, ball size wood: 16.0 mm, ball size rock crystal: 20.0 mm About Kinky Rocker: Express yourself! Be confident! Say what you think! Do what you want! Be different!Whatever happens, whatever people say.SO WHAT! BE KINKY!KINKY ROCKER is inspired by Berlin and the fucked up lifestyle of Rockstars. The city is full of creativity, imagination, fashion, media and music. An amazing mixture of different cultures and awesome individuals. Everything comes together. Rockstars way of life influenced Kinky Rocker with their exciting way to live, their style, their attitude. They are, what we are… just 100% KINKY.
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Kinky Rocker® Necklace – Elmwood “Black Mick” Silver Edition

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Kinky Rocker


Steel 316L, Elmwood