The new jewellery for your Medusa piercing is here!

Super seductive! This spot has been considered a particularly erotic zone since ancient times, which is why the Medusa piercing looks really sexy – especially when wearing the right jewellery! This is why we have added the latest jewellery for your Medusa to our range. With them you can always provide variety.

The anchor isn’t just an important device for nautical shipping, it also has a powerful symbolic power and is one of the oldest tattoo motifs ever. But the anchor is not just a very popular object as a tattoo, also on shirts, tunnels and as a pendant the anchor is more and more a must-have! One of our most popular bananabells with anchor made it into our assortment in two more colours: silver and rose gold!

It’s always worth taking a look at our new offers because our piercing jewellery selection is always expanding. Check out our new arrivals!

Segment rings can be used on various parts of the body and they always look sleek and elegant. But anyone who has ever handled a segment ring will probably remember having a problem with the tiny closing piece that always seems to end up being dropped and landing in the most inconvenient place! But with our hinged segment rings that can’t happen! All you have to do is simply shift the closing piece at the hinge, insert the jewellery and then move the closing piece back into place. Because they’re so good, we’ve now made hinged segment rings available in titan! You can get them in silver, gold, black and rose-gold!

h1You can hardly wait for this brand-new piece of jewellery noone else besides you seems to have yet? That’s totally understandable! You want novelties – and we regularly offer you new piercing jewellery, new accessories, and fashion which cater to your craving. Especially in the area of piercing, there are a lot of new ideas and concepts finding their way to this relatively young market. And that’s exactly what the Wildcat product managers are looking for! Apart from scouting new trends, there’s one thing that really matters to us: our own creations!

The first models are home-made and often hand-made with love by our talented and ambitious product designers, just as our popular ear pendants, for example: they, too, started as a hand-forged unique piece in our little workshop.

If there’s anything you miss in our shop though, let us know via Facebook and email – new ideas and inspirations are always exciting and a challenge for us! Enjoy browsing our shop!