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Dreamcatchers do not only look decorative, they also have a profound protective function:

The circle symbolizes the life cycle and according to ancient Indian tradition, dreamcatchers are said to attract the good while keeping away bad ghosts during the sleep. The land of dreams is surrounded by many positive as well as negative vibes. Therefore, the bad dreams will be entangled in the woven web and will evaporate with the first shafts of sunlight of a new day. The good dreams flit through the middle hole of the centre and slide down gently the affixed feathers towards the end of the sleep. In all cultures around the world, dreams are interpreted and associated with the strive for something better, wishes and desires. Dreamcatchers help us to achieve what we aimed at and give us a peaceful feeling to live in accord with these energies.

These lovely, rose gold-coloured hoops are made of high-quality stainless steel and are sold pairwise. They can be worn in your normal lobes as well as in your tunnels. The pin of the hoops is 1.0 mm thick and the hoops have diameter of 54 mm and a total length (including the feathers) of 92 mm.


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