World Famous Ink Limitless A.D. Pancho Pro Colour Set 30 ml

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The World Famous Limitless A.D. Pancho Pro Colour Set has been designed by World Famous Ink Pro-Team member A.D. Pancho and contains the following colours:

  • Pancho Blue
  • Pancho Brown
  • Pancho Deep Green
  • Pancho Dope Red
  • Pancho Gold
  • Pancho Grey
  • Pancho Light Blue
  • Pancho Light Green
  • Pancho Light Pink
  • Pancho Light Purple
  • Pancho Light Violet
  • Pancho Light Yellow
  • Pancho Magenta
  • Pancho Peach
  • Pancho Pink
  • Pancho Violet

This World Famous Limitless Pro Colour Set was created in collaboration with award-winning Dutch tattoo artist and studio owner A.D. Pancho. The set comes with 16 bright and bold inks that are perfect for colour realism tattoos.

World Famous Ink are committed to being at the forefront in terms of compliancy with regulations across the globe. As a global manufacturer, the new EU REACH regulations for World Famous Ink was an opportunity to create a new ink line that exceeds regulatory standards to have an updated world market compliant product.

Key Features:

  • Volume: 16x 30 ml
  • Fully complies with the latest EU REACH regulations
  • Vegan friendly
  • Made in the USA

Farbe: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red


Content: 30 ml

Important note: Reach Conform

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