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The Signature® Premium Tattoo Needle Cartridge

A tattoo is the signature of the artist. This is the motivation and the name for the productportfolio of “The Signature®”. After all it is more than just a picture, that somebody puts on a piece of paper. The artists work with a lot of calm and creativity on a living work of art. The tool that brings this eternal work under the skin should therefore only be the best to achieve perfect results.

The Signature® Tattoo Needles: The needles are made of tempered 316L steel, controlled by a laser-optical system, colour coded and sterile packed to ensure the highest quality standards.
The Signature® Cartridge Needles are unique by their quality, the colour coding and multiple needle configurations usage, which facilitate the work of the artist in many ways.

Package content: 20 pieces

4 reviews for Curved Magnum

  1. Attila János Nagy-Vasvári (verified owner)

    Aki eddig rendelt általunk, azok mind megvoltak vele elégedve! Nem fröcsköl, nem zörög, jó a színkód! 🙂
    Magyar tetoválók által nagyon kedvelt magnum típus! 🙂

  2. attilajanosn (verified owner)

    All very Cool Product!! 🙂

  3. info116 (verified owner)

    Great quality cartriges.

  4. cayman_business (verified owner)

    Great product, i love working with The Signature cartridge needles ! I like the colour coded and the number of needles on the front of the cartridge. And let’s not forget the price witch is the best on the market !
    Indeed Wildcat made tattoo easier and more enjoyable for me !!!

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