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Whether gentle color transitions in full-color portraits or impressive pasty watercolour effects, Eternal Ink Portrait Skin Tones are the best choice when it comes to conjuring realistic skin textures and fine, powdery color gradients on the skin. Eternal Ink is a product that, thanks to the experience of international professionals and experts, has evolved into a top tattoo color on the market and continues to evolve. Eternal Ink is rigorously and carefully tested and controlled in collaboration with pigment manufacturers, independent chemical and food laboratories in North America plus Germany, as well as health authorities in Germany and overseas. Thus, tattoo artists and their customers are always on the safe side when it comes to health-specific issues. All this guarantees quality assurance and innovations of these outstanding tattoo colours and you as an artist and colleague benefit from it. Highest luminosity over the longest period of time!- Vegan- free of preservatives, 100% natural- free of CMR substances- tested for heavy metals. 


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