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Alcoholic hand disinfectant MyClean HB

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Alcoholic hand disinfectant based on ethanol.

Very well tolerated by the skin, even with frequent use.

Reduce bacterial transient skin flora in 30 seconds.

Surgically disinfected in 1.5 minutes.

Effective against Noro viruses in 15 seconds.

Has a virucidal effect according to EN 14476 (polio, adeno, noro viruses); Additional virucidal test according to RKI / DVV: BVDV (HCV), Rota, Vaccinia, SV40 viruses.

Also Corona viruses are among the enveloped viruses. Disinfectants with the spectrum of activity »limited virucidal« (= minimum requirement) are necessary to inactivate these viruses. Our MyClean disinfection line fully meets these requirements and is ideal for combating this virus strain.

Free of preservatives, colors and perfumes.

Suitable for the food sector (HACCP marketability certificate).

Lipid replenishing.


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150 ml, 500 ml