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Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo Aftercare 30 ml Box/20

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Heile Heile Tattoo Ointment 30 ml

The effective tattoo after care by herbal and natural ingredients.

• The ointment is pleasant to use, breathable and does not leave a nasty greasy coating. It is suitable for sensitive skin, too and very long lasting.

• It is frr of wool wax, paraffin, scents, essential oils and preservatives

• It contains nurturing and healing supporting agents, like Sheabutter (regulates the moisture of the skin, has a anti-inflammatory effect), evening primrose oil (positive influence on the healing), calendula oil (anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect), panthenol (supports regeneration of the skin and has a anti-inflammatory effect), urea (reduces itching) and allantoin (supports healing)

Possible side effects:

Local cauterisation – In this case you should wait 4 days after the tattoo was made, before you use the ointment

If skin irritations appear after a long term usage, please stop the therapy

The product was developed in cooperation with Jubian Care Products.
Urea and allantoin are not from an animalistic origin.

Unobjectionable for vegan persons.

The ointment is available in two sizes of package:HHT01 = 15 ml and HHT02 = 30 ml.Package: 20 Pieces


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