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Optiva Cannula

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The pain at the puncture with OPTIVA is significantly lower than other leading intravenous catheters in Europe.
This innovative material provides an excellent choice for piercers and Modifier. OCRILON polyurethane has the necessary stiffness, which is required to properly controlled insertion of the cannula.
In contact with the body heat, the material is flexible and soft to conform to the contours. In this way reduces the risk of vascular irritation, while comfort is increased.
Additionally, it offers proven ideal protection against kinking.
Package: 50 pcs.

Available sizes:
Green cap (18G): 1.3mm (1 – 1.2 mm jewelery)
Grey cap (16G): 1.7mm (for 1.2 to 1.6 mm jewelery)
Oranges cap (14G): 2.1mm (1.6mm for jewelry)


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Needle Size

14G 2.1mm, 16G 1.7mm, 18G 1.3mm, 20G 0.9mm