Hinged Ring

from 14.99  incl. VAT

Are you constantly losing the clasp of your segment ring and sometimes even on the verge of a nervous breakdown? 

Then our cool Hinged Segment Ring made of high-quality, silver titanium is just the thing for you! With this innovative click mechanism you are provided with an easy handling and you don’t have to spend hours to insert your piercing. 

This hinge ring can be used for various piercing points, such as the tragus, helix, septum, on your lip or in other places – there are no limits to your creativity. 

Due to the good quality, this item is super suitable for allergy sufferers.

Weight: -

Thickness: 0,8 mm, 1,0 mm, 1,2 mm, 1,6 mm

Inner Diameter: 5,0 mm, 6,0 mm, 7,0 mm, 8,0 mm, 9,0 mm, 10,0 mm, 11,0 mm, 12,0 mm, 14,0 mm