Needs Bananabell

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Mysterious jewelery collection with a difference!
Cold fine jewelery will take you to a trip of hidden myths, dream worlds and spiritual spheres.
Immerse yourself into the mystical secret universe of the magic world of souls.
Make a straight statement and drag magical vies to you!
Hypnotize all of them and pull them into your spell!

The Needs Bananabell of the Mysterium® line is made of a high-quality semi-precious stone ball , a titanium ball and a Titan Highline® stem​​.
The beautiful lapis lazuli semi-precious stone is known as the Stone of Kings .
It protects you from false modesty and false restraint.
The power of this stone helps to avoid relieve blockages , fears and prejudice.



Weight: 3 g

Thickness: 1,6 mm

Length: 8,0 mm, 10,0 mm

Ball Size: 5,0 mm/8,0 mm


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