Extreme Bananabell

34.99  incl. VAT

The Titan Basicline® Bananabell is available with 2.0, 2.4 and 3.0 mm stem thickness in lengths of 22.0, 23.0, 24.0 and 25.0 mm. The slightly curved stem is internally threaded. The balls can be screwed into the internal thread of our internally threaded bananabells. This ensures a super simple and skin-friendly use! 

All basics of the Titan Basicline® can be sterilised in an autoclave and are absolutely safe for allergy sufferers due to the skin-friendly nature of the material. 



Thickness: 2,0 mm, 2,4 mm, 3,0 mm

Length: 22,0 mm, 23,0 mm, 24,0 mm, 25,0 mm

Ball Size: 5,0 mm, 6,0 mm

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