7 Deadly Sins “Pride”

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Deadly sin number 1: Pride – Pride

Vanity, self-aggrandisement and intellectual arrogance are characteristics of pride and arrogance nowadays. But without these qualities your success would not be possible, because no one can keep you down and no one can hold a candle to you. Pride and arrogance are your companions!

The colour purple stands for these attributes and is also associated with power, wisdom, dignity, independence and ambition. In it, blue meets red, water meets fire, heaven meets earth and spirit meets body. In your being, too, many attributes meet that make you what you are – and you are proud of it!

The plug is made of stone. From an ecological point of view, but especially under the dermatological aspects we are interested in, this is perfectly suitable as a raw material. The skin-friendliness of the first-class processed material reduces the risks of an allergic reaction to the absolute minimum. Natural materials can change their appearance because they are not only affected by normal environmental influences such as light and water. Differences in the colour and grain of our natural products are therefore unavoidable and every piece of jewellery is therefore unique! 




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