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Fossilizied Palm Plug

This Fossilized Palm Plug is handcrafted in Indonesia from fossilized palm trees which are approximately 20-40 million years old. This fascinating plug has unique structures generated by the different cut directions, and by the various colours, such as light brown, gold, yellow and orange hues and black speckles. This plug is relatively heavy, due to the material the smell generation is reduced. The article is available in various colours. When used normally, the article is non-hazardous, but NOT sterilisable. Note: Since the plug is made of an organic material, it is hardly possible to get two identical plugs, but we always try to send two very similar ones. It has an inward bowing, which adapts the size of your earlobe at its low point and therefore provides a perfect hold in your lobe.
All used natural materials meet our dermatological and environmental demands perfectly. As they are very skin friendly, they reduce the risk of allergic reactions to a minimum. Natural materials can change their look as normal environmental influences like light and water affect them. Differences in colour and texture are not avoidable and make every piece of jewellery unique.

Wildcat cares about the environment! During the production of our articles, we pay close attention on humans and nature. All conventions to protect natural resources are met by Wildcat.

The natural jewellery of Wildcat is not sterilisable in an autoclave and should, like other natural materials, be treated gently. If the article is used moderately, we grant a guarantee of 24 months after receipt of the article, but we are not able to grant this guarantee if the article is overstressed.

If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact the Wildcat staff, they will be happy to help you!


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