Bar Segmentring

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The bar segmentring can be used on a wide variety of body parts. A removable, straight bar serves as the closure. Depending on the size of the ring, it may require special tools to release the bar before insertion and also to clamp it again after insertion. These rings are relatively heavy and sterilisable. The material is safe when used as intended. Note: Only the segment included in the scope of delivery can be used as a clamp closure. There are no alternative balls or rods for closing.



Metal Colour:

Weight: 1 g

Thickness: 1,2 mm, 1,6 mm, 2,0 mm, 2,4 mm, 3,2 mm, 4,0 mm, 5,0 mm

Inner Diameter: 7,0 mm, 9,0 mm, 10,0 mm, 11,0 mm, 12,0 mm, 13,0 mm, 14,0 mm, 15,0 mm, 16,0 mm, 19,0 mm, 22,0 mm

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