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Double Jewelled Short Pendulum

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Titan Basicline(r) Double Jewelled Short Ball Closure Ring

The Double Jewelled Short Ball Closure Ring of the Titan Basicline(r) in the strength of 1.6 mm has a flattened back and fits perfectly into your pierced labial frenulum, because its teeth protecting back has got a enamel amiable plastic and ceramic platelet. The crystal studded clip-in ball is connected to another ball with a premium processed rhinestone, by a small chain. The ring has got a diameter of 10.0 mm, its ball is 5.0 and 6.0 mm sized.

This jewellery can be sterilised using the autoclave and are due to the dermal gentleness of the material absolutely harmless to allergy sufferers.

Attention: the stones are not socketed but glued. They can get lost depending on the way of use. If the piercing is used moderately we grant a guarantee of 24 months after receipt of the article. You should not wear an article with glued stones in swimming pools, baths, saunas or similar conditioned surroundings. Please do not deposit them into cleansers or germicides, since chemicals can harm the material and we will be no longer able to grant a guarantee.

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