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The labret is a piercing jewel mainly composed of a bar closed at one end by a fixed flat terminal and the other by a removable terminal. You can create your own style by combining the different elements you find in our special parts sections. Just pay attention that the spare parts measures are suitable for basic piercing.

This piercing is mainly used for:

  • Ear Piercing
  • Nose Piercing
  • Lip: Piercing Monroe and Piercing Medusa

This particular article does not include terminal spheres and has no threads.

The terminal is added in Push-fit mode.

This product is made of PTFE, a plastic material smooth to the touch, used by Wildcat for the realization of piercings because of its most incredible peculiarity: PTFE is in fact the material with the lowest known friction coefficient. The piercing then comes into contact with skin and holes, making the lowest friction possible. Furthermore, PTFE is a material resistant to higher temperatures and changes in temperature.


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