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Bioplast™ Tongue Retainer

The white Bioplast™ Tongue Retainer has a strength of 1.6 mm and a length of 16.0 mm.

The Bioplast™ Retainers are especially made for the preservation of piercings. There are no problems sterilising the material in an autoclave!

Bioplast is a flexible synthetic material, whose bio-compatibility is proved. The material contains no nickel and can not cause allergic reactions. This is why the material supports the fast skin regeneration and is especially appropriate for beginners. The Bioplast is adequate while regeneration, for usage in medical operations or as jewellery during pregnancy. It is ideal for permanent use.

If there are any questions left please do not hesitate to contact us. The employees of the Wildcat corporation can give you further advice!


Weight: 1 g

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