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Tree of Life

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Our Tree of Life Hoops – The Continuous Life

The tree of life is representing a religious and mystical symbol, which in many cultures is seen as an embodiment of the all-encompassing. The tree of life does not only play a role in the culture of the Germanic peoples, but amongst others also in the culture of the Greeks, Babylonian and Hebraic people. As tree of life it is said that the tree is continually closing the life cycle and mainly is said to a medium between the Kingdom of Heaven and the realm of the shades. As a big part of the tree is subterraneous, it is said that the roots of the tree of life extent to the underworld and that the long limbs of the tree are rising to the heaven. Thus, as medium, the tree of life is said to connect these two counter worlds with the earth. Furthermore, the tree of life is a symbol for strength, longevity and wisdom. Additionally, the tree of life stands also for rebirth, since a tree is losing its leaves in autumn, is surviving the cold winter, is starting to regrow its leaves in spring and is blazing full of life in summer again.

These cool, gold-coloured hoops are made of high-quality stainless steel and are sold pairwise. They can be worn in your normal lobes as well as in your tunnels. The pin of the hoops is 1.0 mm thick and the hoops have a diameter of 55 mm and the length from the bridge to the longest spring is 90 mm.


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