Steel Basicline
Ear Barbells


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The Steel Basicline® Ear Piercings, whose attachments are made of 925 silver, have a bar length of 6.0mm and are particularly suitable for the helix.

All articles of the Steel Basicline® are sterilizable, of course also the silver pendants of the Ear Piercings.
Due to the skin-friendliness of the material, the ear piercings are absolutely safe for allergy sufferers.

The stones are not socked, but glued.
They can be lost depending on the stress. In normal use, we give a warranty of 24 months after receipt of the item.
You should not wear an article with glued stones in the pool and in the baths or in the sauna or in similarly air-conditioned rooms.
Please do not put it in detergents or disinfectants, as that will damage the material and thus a guarantee can no longer be guaranteed.


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