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Rattlebells consist of 6mm balls with heavy metal spherical inserts imprisoned within the titanium casing. The encapsulated ball is three times havier than the titanium shell and becomes agitated with the slightest motion, causing resonance thought out the barbell. The resulting trembling effect passes through hollow shaft and percolates through the body in exciting ripples of pleasure. The balls are permantly sealed and cannot facture! Excellent for tongues, nipples and genitals. Rattlebells are also available in longer stem size (2,4mm thickness) for ampallang piercings.

4 reviews for Rattle Barbell

  1. San Maton (verified owner)

    I doubt these reviews are real. Ordered this barbell for in total €35,- and this barbell is really really disappointing, “Extra tap” what tap? There is no extra tap, this thing is superlight and you can’t feel any motion in this thing,

    You are throwing money away if you order this barbell, i am really disappointed and furious that the barbell has such high rating, those can’t be real. Anyone with brains that really ordered this thing would not post such positive review.

    Since i have serious doubt about the reviews i will NEVER order anything else on this website, good job….

  2. Martyn Raine (verified owner)

    this is my 3rd rattlebell now, i use them in my apadravya piercing, i love these things and so does my partner, theyre no vibrator by any means, but that little tinkling does give a little something extra, and thanks to its placement can add extra sensitivity too

    all in all, great product!

  3. Guðmundur Gestsson (verified owner)

    I have this in my frenum and although it’s not vibrating or any thing crazy the mini rattle gives me a smile because it’s down there where all rattling is fun 🙂

  4. the_piercing_zone (verified owner)

    My female clients love the Rattle barbell for their VCH piercings. That little extra double tap of the rattle ball drives them crazy!

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