Sealed Pregnancy Bananabell Aurora Boreale

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This scintillant belly button piercing is ideally made for women during their pregnancy.

You love your belly button piercing and you do not want to remove your piercing during your pregnancy? Then we have the right thing for you!
The stem of this belly button piercing is made of high-quality PTFE (also known as teflon). Therefore, the stem becomes flexible and can adapt easily to your growing body during the pregnancy. The balls possess a steel thread and are apparelled with little crystals that are covered with a protection layer in resin. Due to the protective layer a smooth and even surface is established.
The belly button piercing has an extra long and flexible stem in 30 mm which is ideal for the pregnant female body. The PTFE material is known for exhibiting special features such as skin-friendliness, flexibility (adaptability), and stability. Additionally, the stem can also be trimmed with a scissors after the pregnancy phase. And the balls of the piercing can be easily interchanged with any other balls that have a thread size of 1.6 mm.


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1,6 mm




30,0 mm

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5,0 mm, 8,0 mm

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