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Silicone Disc for Keloids

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You have an annoying Keloid at one of your piercings? You thought a lot about taking it out, but you just can’t accept the fact that you have to live with your beloved piercing?
Then you took the right decision because we finally have something that can help you!
You have to put the Discs over the part of your body with Keloids.
For example: You have a keloid on the front of your tragus. So what you have to do?
You have to take off your attachment, put the discs over your labret and directly screw your ball on the labret again. Leave it like this for at least two weeks!
Be aware of that your labret has to be at least 1 mm longer. Every piercing and keloid is different, so some persons need two weeks with the discs, some need more. Take your time!
Because of the pressure the keloid will go away more and more and at the end you have your beautiful piercing back!
M : Thickness: 1.2 mm, Diameter: 5.0 mm
L : Thickness: 1.6 mm, Diameter: 7.0 mm


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