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Threaded Star

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Steel Blackline® Threaded Star

The Star attachment with 1.2 mm threaded screw is suitable for all internally threaded body jewellery and Dermal Anchors with a strength of 1.6 mm. It is available in sizes of 4.0 and 5.0 mm!

Ths article is also available in the Titan Highline® (DSI), the Titan Blackline® (KSI), the Titan Zircoline® (GSI) and in the Steel Basicline® (SLS).The body jewellery of the complete Titan Highline® can be anodised, if wanted. During this process a thin oxide coat is layed around the jewellery of the Titan Highline® by applying a voltage. Decorative shades of colour are produced without pigments. The article is available in dark blue (DB), light blue (LB), dark green (DG) and violet (VT).

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