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Terror Eyes® Fashion Lens “Leo”

This contact lens intensifies your view without dioptres. It is a mere styling tool with an absolutely impressive effect. The lens is soft and consists of PHEMA. It is produced in accordance to the international guidelines concerning the ISO norm and the CE safety certification. After opening, it can be used up to 12 months if the care instructions (enclosed) are observed – we recommend not to exceed a wearing time of more than three months. Do not wear the lens when driving a vehicle. One package contains a soft, sterile contact lens in a buffered saline solution and detailed care and application instructions. This item is sold individually – package contains one lens, not two!
Soft, sterile contact lens, hydrophilic ( 62% PHEMA, 38% water), in a buffered saline solution.Diameter: 14 mmBC: 8,6 mm


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