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Turn anybody into stone just as Medusa does! This Medusa Ring is a part of our Mysterium collection and represents a very special jewellery due to its detailed design. Everybody knows Medusa, the daughter of the sea gods Phorkys and Keto, she is a famous figure from the Greek mythology. Next to her two sisters, Stheno and Euryale, they are known as gorgons. Medusa was the most beautiful daughter of the three gorgons and was of mortal nature. Even the sea god Poseidon fell in love with Medusa. However, one day Medusa and Poseidon have been observed by the goddess Athene while having a romantic date. Full of hate and jealousy, Athene cursed Medusa and turned her into a monstrosity. From that day on, Medusa possessed snake hair, ripper teeth and dragon scale skin. Additionally, every man was turned immediately into stone when having eye contact with her.
Our ring shows Medusa’s face and her popular snake hair, which almost completely covers the surface of the ring. Moreover, the ring is composed of high-quality stainless steel and has a cool black silver look. The ring breadth is 2.4 cm. If you are a big fan of Greek mythology and are fascinated by Medusa’ story, then this ring should be exactly the right thing for you.


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