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Winged Wolves Hoops

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The howling wolves …

Our Winged Wolves Hoops represent a wonderful combination between classic stainless steel and a synthetic, gloomy Onyx jewel. In fairy tales and myths, the wolf is known for embodying both, positive and negative characteristics. The wolf is described as being mysterious, voracious and dangerous as well as being faithful, brave and protective. Thereby, the picture of the howling wolf depicts the animal in its prime role, as the wolf is known for straying around alone through forest areas while howling towards his sole loyal companion, the moon. While straying around and howling, the wolf incarnates proud loneliness, adamantine will power, independence and self-reliance. The wolf is distinct from other animals and represents borderline situations that require utmost overcoming. Additionally, the wolf is also known for being a strong guardian that uses its howling to banish vicious creatures in order to protects its home and other weak animals. Would you describe yourself as brave maverick and are you someone that likes to take life into own hands? Then our Winged Wolves Hoops are the right choice for you. Let your life be positively influenced by the power of the wolves. One thing is clear: With these earrings you will attract attention.
Length incl. Stone: 77.0 mm
Width: 77.0 mm
Stonesize: 8.0 x 20.0 mm


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